Finding Your Voice is a virtual retreat (in person also available, circumstances permitting) that creates life changing power moments for participants resulting in an accelerated career and life trajectory. By ‘channeling your inner rockstar’ people improve professional communication skills and become better speakers, leaders, managers and team members. Using the tools of the singer/songwriter, participants will bond in a new way, and become more confident public speakers while enhancing their overall presence. In this fun and empowering experience we learn how to banish your inner critic, unlock creativity and enhance collaboration and teamwork. I offer tools to bring your team together and to fearlessly generate creative content through writing exercises and musical interaction. In the half day workshop, your team will enjoy creating and performing their own songs. There is also the opportunity for your team members to continue this work through my monthly virtual retreats.

Whether you want your team to be more connected as people, more confident communicators, or just want to give them some much needed fun, Finding Your Voice delivers.

  • Build a stronger, more collaborative team
  • Unlock creativity & enhance communication
  • Silence the inner critic & conquer stage fright
  • Present confidently with the Rockstar secrets of professional performers

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About Essence


Essence Goldman is a musician and coach who uses the singer-songwriter’s toolkit to unlock creativity, increase communication impact, and improve professional presence.

A lifelong performer, she has released six albums on independent and major labels, won national songwriting contests, had songs in TV and film and opened for artists including Jason Mraz, Tom Petty and Sarah McLachlan.

Essence's most recent project, Bernie and the Believers, was prominently featured on NPR's All Things Considered and the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Essence believes that we are all performers, and is committed to helping companies, teams and individuals perform better.

Essence is a priestess in the church of rock and roll, a shaman for the kind of musician who needs to make music as a matter of life. She is a living emissary of the kingdom of music beyond the mundane world, and my guess is, anyone who spends some time studying with her can’t help but see that. That, I think, underlies her power as a teacher, and you can’t fake that.

-Jon Brody, Engineer

Going through Essence's workshop gave me new confidence in my ideas. I find that with my team I am able to brainstorm much more freely without judgement.

-Elaine, Executive Assistant Team Leader

Working with Essence has helped me not just in the court room but in every aspect of my work life and personal life.

-Greg Mouroux, Attorney

I used to find it very hard to speak in front of a group. Working with Essence has made me more confident. I use the breathing techniques Essence taught me to ground myself and push beyond anxiety and make myself heard. Essence taught me how to manage and navigate my voice so it sounds great. Essence is a great teacher.

-Maria Konovalenko, Biologist

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Private Lessons

Essence also offers private lessons in singing, songwriting and vocal technique. Instruction focuses on "Speech Level Singing" to increase range, dynamics, pitch accuracy, vibrato, build confidence, breath support, improve tone and ultimately cultivate each singer's unique style and sound.

For more information on private lessons with Essence please visit the Lessons page on her music site.

Empower Your Team with 60 Minute Power Ups

Don’t have time for a full retreat? Sign up for a 60 minute power up! Get measurable results in a short amount of time. Available for individuals as well as teams.

1. The Power Of Voice

Are you ready to be heard? Learn rockstar secrets to tune your voice so they will listen. Master the art of tone, pacing, dynamics, authenticity and confidence to voice your power.

2. Stress Less

Body / Mind Meditation -
Turn stage fright into stage might with rockstar tested meditation and breathing techniques.

3. Unleash Your Hidden Storytelling Powers

Creativity gives you a real business advantage and unlocking your creativity in one area spreads to every area aspect of your work.

4. The Art of Collaboration

Bond and collaborate by composing an original new song in 60 minutes. Writing the song is the mechanism of how to achieve the business benefit.

5. Rule The Room and The Zoom

Don’t just present, represent! Learn secrets rockstars use to command the stage!

6. Voice of Authority and The Power of ‘No’ for Women

We all have something we would like to say ‘no’ to but don’t. Learn to say no with authority, conviction, and sincerity without alienating anyone along the way. Set boundaries and make allies while doing it.